Living Overseas with a Medical Problem? It is Possible

Two Contact Lens Myths You May Believe

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Vision problems can make it extremely difficult for people to see well enough to perform routine day to day tasks. While glasses can be an effective way of correcting these problems, many people find them to be uncomfortable or they may not look attractive in them. Luckily, contact lenses are the ideal solution for these individuals, but there may be a couple of myths you believe about this type of vision aid. Read More»

Suffering With Dry Mouth? These Dietary Changes May Help

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When you have dry mouth, you have to be careful with your diet. Without adequate saliva, it is difficult to swallow certain foods. While you should talk to your dentist about medical treatments for your condition, you should also consider making the following changes to the way you eat and drink until your dry mouth symptoms subside. Avoid Sugar, Salt, And Spices Your teeth are normally bathed in saliva so that bacteria are kept under control. Read More»