Living Overseas with a Medical Problem? It is Possible

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Do You Have A Sinus Infection, A Cold, Or Is It Time To See An Allergist?

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Nasal congestion and a headache can cause you to want to do nothing but lay in a dark room with a box of tissues. Depending on the reason for the symptoms, there will be different ways to get through the pain and suffering. You should treat a cold, a sinus infection, and allergies all differently if you want to feel better as fast as possible. Here are a few tips to help you determine which course of action you should take. Read More»

4 Treatments For Overly Sweaty Hands

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Do you find that your hands are often dripping in sweat? Maybe this bothers you on a daily basis, or perhaps you notice it the most when you’re really nervous or anxious. In either case, sweaty hands can make you embarrassed and uncomfortable. Often, they are due to a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, which is characterized by overactive sweat glands. You don’t have to keep dealing with your hands slipping off doorknobs and making handshakes awkward. Read More»