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Purchasing Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment For Your Practice

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If you use medical imaging equipment in your establishment, and you are in the need for an additional machine, you may want to consider buying a refurbished machine over new. With a higher demand for imagine diagnostics within the medical industry, having an extra machine on hand can help take care of more patients at a quicker speed. Here are some of the reasons refurbished medical imaging equipment can be a better deal than buying a new piece of equipment.

Refurbished Doesn't Have To Mean Old

When people think of the word "refurb" they may automatically think of something that is old or outdated. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to medical imagining equipment. Many times a practice will sell a piece of equipment in order to upgrade to a newer model. When doing this, the piece they sell, may not have been used very much and may still have a lot of standard features that are needed to take quality images. 

Refurbished machines go through an extensive process to be able to be in salable condition. First they will be looked over for flaws, hardware or software upgrades are made, repairs will be done, the unit will be cleaned and sanitized, and then they will be put on the market for sale. The product you buy, will be a high-quality machine that will work as if it were new. It may not have every function available as newer units, but it will still be able to perform as it did when the original medical facility had purchased it.

The Price Is Right

The main reason medical facilities look into purchasing refurbished equipment, is to save money. Refurbished units will be substantially cheaper than buying a brand new piece of equipment. Although cheaper, the quality may be just as good as a new unit. You would need to look into the specifications of a particular brand and see if it will meet the needs of your medical practice.

Increased Money For Your Business

Having an additional unit can give your practice the chance to acquire more funds. You would be able to increase the hours of operation, or double up on scheduling of imaging appointments. The amount spent on the imaging machine would soon pay for itself with the extra revenue gained by having it in the office.

Purchasing a refurbished machine, from places like Chicago C-Arms LLC, would allow your practice to allocate funds to other pieces of equipment for the practice. This will allow your business to acquire extra machinery instead of only buying one piece with money set aside for upgrades. Your company could also use the money saved to do something totally different, such as remodel the waiting area or exam rooms.