Living Overseas with a Medical Problem? It is Possible

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Hearing Loss Causes And Symptoms

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If you are suffering from hearing loss, even if it’s just temporary, it can be a very frustrating experience. Hearing loss may come on suddenly, or may be a gradual process. It can be a mild case, or it could result in difficulty having conversations, or even worse, permanent deafness. When you see your medical doctor, they will look to see how fast your hearing loss is progressing in order to determine the correct treatment for your hearing issues. Read More»

Jeep-Ers, Peep-Ers, Where'd You Get Those Creep-Ers? The 411 On Eye Floaters

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Although people don’t tend to get them until at least the age of 50, it seems that just about everyone has had them at some point: those little, translucent blobs that float through your field of vision like a feather on the breeze. Known as “floaters,” these seemingly insignificant specks tend to raise numerous questions, including: how do they form, and when should a doctor be seen about them? To answer these and other questions, take a look at the life of one such floater, Bob I. Read More»

Popular Diets And Their Effects On Cardiovascular Disease

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Many popular diets claim to be the only one that can help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Although their overall claims may be unproven, each popular diet has some food choices that are generally accepted as beneficial to heart health. Here are some examples: The Paleo Diet Advocates of this diet will only consume foods eaten during the Paleolithic period of human existence. This was the age before agriculture when humans were hunter- gatherers. Read More»

The Three Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

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In a hectic day-to-day lifestyle, personal grooming can sometimes take a back seat. However, science has made it where a simple procedure can help you take care of all your personal grooming needs. This is doubly true for those sensitive areas that are a painful and time consuming to take care of. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to these problems. Below are just a few of the benefits you can have by having laser hair removal. Read More»

Purchasing Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment For Your Practice

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If you use medical imaging equipment in your establishment, and you are in the need for an additional machine, you may want to consider buying a refurbished machine over new. With a higher demand for imagine diagnostics within the medical industry, having an extra machine on hand can help take care of more patients at a quicker speed. Here are some of the reasons refurbished medical imaging equipment can be a better deal than buying a new piece of equipment. Read More»

6 Things Your Gynecologist Might Not Tell You

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You have to make an annual trip to the gynecologist or obstetrician if you are a female, and it isn’t always fun.  That’s when you should ask your doctor any questions that you have about your reproductive organs and sex.  There are some things that the doctor won’t think to tell you unless you specifically ask about these topics.  Here are a few things that you won’t hear from the doctor, unless you speak up. Read More»

How To Save Money On Home Care Assistance

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When living without assistance is no longer an option, you will likely have to consider home care assistance. Unfortunately, home care assistance can be rather expensive, especially if you have no idea where to start when it comes to lowering the costs. Here are a few tips that will help you make home care assistance more affordable. IRS Tax Deductions One way you can save quite a bit of money on home care assistance is by seeing if you qualify for IRS tax deductions. Read More»

3 Truths About Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Getting a breast augmentation is a fairly common elective surgery among women. It has provided many women a solution to problems that they might have experienced their entire lives. These problems could include medical conditions, reconstruction needs and self-esteem issues. Unfortunately, many people have stigmas about breast augmentation that are simply not true. Here are 3 common myths of breast augmentation surgery. Myth #1 The Majority of Women Getting A Breast Augmentation Want Abnormally Large Breasts. Read More»

Two Contact Lens Myths You May Believe

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Vision problems can make it extremely difficult for people to see well enough to perform routine day to day tasks. While glasses can be an effective way of correcting these problems, many people find them to be uncomfortable or they may not look attractive in them. Luckily, contact lenses are the ideal solution for these individuals, but there may be a couple of myths you believe about this type of vision aid. Read More»