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Three Ways A Compound Pharmacy Can Help You

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When the average person thinks about a compounding pharmacy, they often think about an individual with a serious medical condition, such as cancer, that needs a specialized blend of medication. Compounding pharmacies can meet even more needs. You may be surprised to discover that there are a number of everyday situations that a compounding pharmacy can help you regulate.  

Drug Allergies

The average medication contains a number of different ingredients, including preservatives, dyes, gluten and lactose. Unfortunately, a number of people are allergic to these ingredients. In a traditional commercial pharmacy, an allergy to one of the ingredients in the medication would prevent the individual from being able to take the medication. If this medication is critical, their inability to take it could put their health at risk.

Compound pharmacies can personalize medication to make it more allergy friendly. These pharmacies restructure medications so that they still meet their intended treatment goal, but remove the allergy-inducing ingredients from the formula.  

Taste Improvement

When a doctor prescribes medication to you, they pledge that it will help you meet your health goals. They don't necessarily promise that you will enjoy taking the medication. This is especially the case when it comes to medications that come in liquid form.

For some people, a bad tasting medication is just a minor problem they can easily overcome. However, for some, the taste is so bad that it's hard for them to even tolerate the taste without getting sick, causing them to refuse the medication. A compounding pharmacy can help in this instance by adding flavoring to the medication to make it more tolerable and palatable.

Medication Format

Pills are not always the easiest thing to tolerate. This statement is true not just when it comes to young children, but even for a number of adults. If you have difficulty swallowing medication in a pill format, compound pharmacies have the ability to change the format of medication to liquid form to aide you.

If a liquid blend doesn't work, some medications can also be converted to a topical form, such as a cream that can be applied to the skin and absorbed into the body. If you have issues taking your medication, compounding pharmacies can tailor it to better meet your need.  

Compound pharmacies can meet many of your medication related needs, helping you take your medications easier, which will ultimately help you improve your overall health. Click here to read more.