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Do You Need "Round The Clock" Nursing Care?

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When you're a senior citizen or have a health condition that needs regular management, you might first attempt to handle it yourself. However, as days continue, you may have suspicions that "around the clock" care may be more and more necessary in order to protect and preserve your health. What situations could mean that you require 24 hour nursing care?

You Aren't Practicing Self-Care

One major symptom that you're in need of more consistent professional care is that you're not caring for yourself. Can you get to the shower easily? Are you making yourself meals throughout the day? Are you changing your clothes daily? If you're unable to do these things regularly, you may need to have a nursing professional nearby to help you with these tasks so that you remain in a healthy state of mind and can complete daily activities.

You Forget Medication

While it's natural for anyone to forget medication here and there, as a senior or someone who regularly must take medication for a chronic condition, missing medication times is dangerous. If you find that you often don't remember if you took a pill, 24 hour care could be vital for treating your health.

Your Situation Is Steadily Worsening

Sometimes it's difficult to admit that you can't handle life on your own. You may see that your situation is worsening but think you can still cope with it. However, now might be the best time to explore 24 hour care; being proactive about your need for help can ensure that you get the nursing assistance your body needs before you become even sicker.

You've Had Accidents

If you've fallen, burnt yourself while preparing food, or regularly have accidents, being honest about the need for professional assistance is key. You may have locked yourself out of the house or had another minor occurrence once, but every accident you ignore could put you at risk for more serious ones later.

Your Home Isn't Set Up for Maintaining Your Condition

The home you raised children in might not be suitable for you as an older or sick person. Trudging up stairs, not having support bars in the bathroom, and other living conditions could make it harder for you to handle your situation. In a nursing care center, there are options that are more comfortable and safer.

When you begin realizing that these situations apply to you, you could benefit from more constant care. Consult local 24 hour nursing care centers; you might be surprised by what they can offer you.