Living Overseas with a Medical Problem? It is Possible

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3 Things to Avoid Wearing When You Sit Down for a Chair Massage

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Preparing for a chair massage is slightly different than preparing for a massage in which you lie on the therapist’s table. Not only will you be thinking about getting different muscles worked out (chair massages often focus on the head, neck, shoulders, and back), but you’ll also want to think about what you wear. You’ll remain fully clothed for your chair massage, and you don’t want anything that you’re wearing to get in the way of the therapist’s ability to treat you. Read More»

Kids Spending A Lot Of Time With Their Electronic Devices? How To Protect Their Vision

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If your kids are like the majority of US kids, they spend about seven hours a day using things like video games, computers, and televisions. During that time, their eyes are focusing on a brightly lit monitor – whether it’s the television or the computer screen. Over time, those electronic devices can do a lot of damage to your kid’s vision. You don’t have to cancel out your kid’s electronic usage. Read More»

New Treatment May Help The Body Kill Ovarian Cancer Cells

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Women with ovarian cancer, more than with other gynecological tumors, often are not diagnosed until the cancer is advanced and harder to treat. Symptoms can be minimal or mistaken for other issues.  Traditional forms of treatment like surgical removal of the tumor or ovaries and chemotherapy – which can work well if the cancer is found early – may not eradicate the cancerous cells by the time that they’ve spread outside the ovaries. Read More»

Durable Medical Equipment And Insurance

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Durable medical equipment or DME falls under its own special category in insurance policies and Medicare benefits. More people are now “aging in place” or living at home instead of going to a facility when they age. As a result, approximately $100 billion dollars is spent on DME each year, with 15% of that amount being paid out-of-pocket. Each year, you may need additional medical devices to maintain your quality of life. Read More»

Saving Your Relationship With Couples Therapy

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Often, couples go through difficult times where communication breaks down and either one or both parties is unhappy. Whether you are married or just in a committed relationship, sometimes counseling or therapy is needed to help salvage the relationship. This type of counseling is usually performed by a licensed therapist who specializes in this type of help. While it may not save all marriages, it can be a useful tool in helping identify issues and correct them. Read More»

What Kinds Of Injuries Are Treated At A Sports Medicine Clinic?

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Sports injuries are no different than those occurring from other activities, but playing sports tends to cause damage to specific areas of the body. Twisting or repetitive movements, as well as impact and trauma, are major causes of sports injuries. These include: Tendinitis  This is an inflammation of a tendon, which is a fibrous material that connects muscle to bone. This often occurs at the elbow in tennis and golf, at the knee in running or jumping, and at the shoulder in baseball pitching. Read More»