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3 Things to Avoid Wearing When You Sit Down for a Chair Massage

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Preparing for a chair massage is slightly different than preparing for a massage in which you lie on the therapist's table. Not only will you be thinking about getting different muscles worked out (chair massages often focus on the head, neck, shoulders, and back), but you'll also want to think about what you wear. You'll remain fully clothed for your chair massage, and you don't want anything that you're wearing to get in the way of the therapist's ability to treat you. Here are three things to avoid having on when you climb onto the chair for your treatment.

Bulky Clothing

Bulky clothing will get in the way of your chair massage. Although your therapist will still be able to push through whatever you're wearing, the benefits of the treatment and your enjoyment of it may not be as significant as you'd like. This means that you should generally wear a thin shirt for the session. Don't wear a jacket or any type of garment that has bulky layers. Women may even wish to remove their bra in advance of the treatment so that its straps don't get in the way of the therapist's ability to work on the shoulders.


Jewelry is a bad idea for your chair massage. Things such as necklaces and earrings will get in the way, and this will prompt your massage therapist to ask you to remove these items partway through the session. When you're already deeply relaxed, the last thing that you may wish to do is fumble for your necklace and earrings and slip them into your pocket. If you simply remember to take them off before visiting the massage therapy clinic or decline wearing them at all that day, you won't have to worry about them getting in the way of your chair massage.

Hair Product

One of the desirable elements of getting a chair massage is enjoying a stress-reducing scalp massage. If you're wearing hair product, however, the therapist will have trouble moving his or her hands through your hair, and this movement may even pull some of your hair and be uncomfortable. It's ideal to avoid wearing a hair product when you have a chair massage booked. If you don't like going out in public without styling your hair, simply put on a hat when you leave your house and then remove it when you get to the massage therapy clinic.