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Signs You May Benefit From Varicose Vein Surgery

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Not all varicose veins need to be removed or treated. Some people can live with a few varicose veins for years and essentially suffer no ill effects from them. But other times, varicose veins do become a nuisance, and you may want to pursue treatment to get rid of them. Here are the key signs you may be a good candidate for varicose vein surgery.

Your legs feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Your veins are meant to take deoxygenated blood back to your heart. When you develop varicose veins, your veins become less efficient at this. Blood instead tends to pool in the bulging areas where your veins are stretched out. Eventually, some of the fluid in that blood leaches out into the surrounding tissues. This can cause your legs to feel heavy and uncomfortable. And you're not imagining it; your legs are heavier than usual because they are holding onto fluid more than usual. Varicose vein surgery can remove the most damaged veins so they no longer cause your legs to hold so much fluid.

Your legs have dry skin.

Dry skin can be one of the first indicators that your skin is not getting the amount of blood flow it really needs to thrive. Your legs may feel itchy, and you may notice the dryness lingering even when you apply lotions and moisturizers. Often, the dryness is worst in areas close to your veins. Varicose vein surgery will help restore better blood flow to your legs so your skin can get the blood and nourishment it needs. 

Your legs burn.

Burning sensations can also occur due to restricted blood flow in your legs. This can be a key sign of poor circulation in certain areas. In the short term, elevating your legs on a pillow can help improve blood flow and thwart the burning. But long-term, surgery is the best way to ease this bothersome sensation.

You're really self-conscious.

Do you find yourself feeling anxious about others seeing your legs? Maybe you struggle to find anything to wear because you don't want your legs to show, or perhaps you don't like your partner to see you because of your varicose veins. You're not just being vain; you deserve to feel more comfortable in your body. Surgery can do that for you.

Varicose vein surgery is not necessary for everyone, but if you're struggling with the symptoms above, it is an option to strongly consider. 

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