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Six Things To Be Aware Of When Starting Botox

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One of the biggest decisions patients need to make when it comes to botulinum injection treatments to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles is when to start. 

The following are six things to be aware of about deciding when to start injection treatments. 

Preventive treatment early on may lead to more success.

Deciding the right time to start treatment is important since preventive treatment early on can allow a patient to achieve the best possible results from injections. Waiting too long to start treatment can make it more difficult to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that have already become firmly established in the skin. 

Treatment that begins too early can lead to unwanted side effects.

Although early treatment can be preventive and lead to more success, it's also important to realize that treatment that begins too early can have unwanted side effects. These can include muscle weakness, the thinning of the skin on the forehead, and heavy-looking eyelids.

It's essential to avoid starting treatment too early to avoid unwanted side effects. 

Botulinum injection treatments are approved by the FDA for any adult over 18.

While the FDA does not recommend treatment for anyone under 18, the treatment has been approved for all patients over the age of 18. This means that patients can generally start treatment as early as they could reasonably want to according to FDA regulations.

Patients should always consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon before starting treatments.

Patients shouldn't attempt to decide on their own when they should start treatments. It's always best to consult with a cosmetic surgeon and take his or her suggestions into account when deciding when to start injection treatments. 

There is no universal rule for deciding when to start treatments.

The skin of different individuals can age at different rates depending on factors such as genetics and overall health. This makes it so that the ideal time to start treatment can vary widely between individuals.

That's why it's so important to have your skin carefully analyzed by a professional to find the right time to start for your unique situation. 

Timely treatment can prevent fine lines from becoming deep wrinkles.

Those interested in starting treatment should pay attention to their skin over time. In general, patients should begin treatment once they've noticed fine lines forming in places like between the brows and on the forehead.

Timely treatment can be effective at preventing these initial fine lines from developing into deeper and more noticeable wrinkles. For more information on Botox injections, contact a professional near you.