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The Critical Role Orthopedic Medicine Plays In Your Fracture Recovery

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When you suffer a fractured bone, you might seek immediate treatment at your local emergency room. However, once you are discharged from the ER, you must seek treatment from another doctor to ensure the fracture heals completely.

Your primary care doctor may be unable to monitor the healing of your bone. Likewise, local urgent care clinics may not have the resources on hand to ensure your recovery. Instead, you can make sure your fracture heals all the way when you seek treatment from an orthopedic medicine provider.

Regular X-rays

When you undergo orthopedic medicine for your fracture, you may get regular x-rays to ensure it is healing completely. Your orthopedist may x-ray your fracture every week or two weeks to monitor your recovery. Based on the x-rays, your doctor will know whether or not to adjust your cast or it is time to take your cast off completely.

Your primary care doctor's office may not be equipped to x-ray your injury regularly. Instead of going to the emergency room to have your injury monitored, you can get the x-rays you need when you opt for orthopedic medicine for your fracture.

Cast Adjustment

The orthopedic medicine you receive may also involve adjusting the length, size, and tightness of the cast you wear. When you were initially injured, you might have been outfitted with a tight plaster cast at the emergency room. This bulky, tight cast may have been needed to hold your bone together until you could get orthopedic medicine for your injury.

However, as you continue to receive orthopedic medicine, you may have your cast adjusted regularly. The orthopedist treating you may shorten or lengthen the cast based on your recovery. They may also outfit you with a fiberglass cast instead of one made of plaster so it is easier and lighter to wear.

Post-recovery Monitoring

Finally, orthopedic medicine can involve monitoring your recovery even after you get your cast taken off. Your orthopedist might x-ray and monitor your bone for one or two months afterward. They will ensure the bone is in no danger of breaking again and capable of bearing weight on it.

Orthopedic medicine can benefit you after you fracture a bone. It may involve regular x-rays to ensure your bone is healing properly. It also can involve adjusting your case to accommodate your fracture as it heals. It likewise can involve having your bone monitored after your cast comes off to ensure it is healing as it should.