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What Do Certified Nursing Aides Do?

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For so many people, home health care professionals are the ideal people to help them through some of life's difficulties. If you have a loved one who requires care at home, you might consider hiring a certified nursing aide, or CNA.

Do you want to know what a CNA can do for you? Here's what to expect.

Dressing & Bathing

One of the most difficult tasks about seeing a loved one lose agency is caring for them as they try to complete their daily routine of bathing, dressing, brushing their teeth, and brushing their hair. This can be difficult for anybody, especially if you have a job or children to care for. A CNA can help with this part of the process.

Light Housekeeping

If your loved one is not able to take care of the house the way they used to, it need not fall into disrepair. CNAs can do some housekeeping, like washing the dishes and washing laundry.

Meal Preparation

Light meal prep is something that most CNAs do as well. They ensure that your loved one has nutritious meals to eat that are in line with their dietary needs and restrictions.

Medication Administration

Certified nursing aides also provide necessary medications. They keep track of when your loved one needs medications and can ensure that they have all the right medications at the appropriate times.

Change Dressings & Bandages

There are also CNAs who can change dressings and bandages. Keeping the area clean with fresh bandages ensures that your loved one does not have to live with an infection or complications of an injury.

Assist Mobility

You can also work with a CNA if your loved one needs help with mobility devices. For example, the CNA has an understanding of how to use the different devices so that your loved one can move as freely and safely as possible.

Assist Other Devices

If your loved one uses oxygen or other devices, a CNA may be trained to use these items. The CNA can troubleshoot these devices or otherwise ensure that your loved one is safely using the materials without issue.

Hire a Home Health Care Professional Today

Are you ready to help your loved one receive the care they need? You do not have to care for your loved one alone. Call a home health care professional, like a CNA, to learn how your loved one's care can improve.