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A Few Accessory Options Beginning Hookah Smokers Need

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Smoking a hookah can provide a smooth level of smoke inhalation and a cleaner environment that makes this a good choice for those who want to keep down the physical and environmental impact that hookahs may have on their bodies and their minds. And there are many types of accessories that can make this experience even more enjoyable for the beginning hookah fan.

First of all, high-quality mouth tips provide a clean and efficient smoking process. They are replaceable, too, meaning that a beginning smoker can swap them out when enjoying hookahs with friends or family members. They can be easily cleaned in many types of solutions, as well, to ensure that they can be reused later if an individual gets low on tips at any point.

However, one of the most important accessories a new hookah smoker can invest in purchasing is a good butane lighter. A hookah needs a pretty consistent and strong flame to light up, and a butane lighter produces one of the most effective types of lighting atmospheres. Typically, there are many types of lighters that a person may purchase, including:

  • Stainless steel options with replaceable butane
  • Decorative lighters that may fit a home's style
  • Disposable and inexpensive lighter options

Those beginners who are serious about high-quality smoking may want to consider a decorative or stainless steel lighter because they can be refilled and reused multiple times and used for other purposes. For example, those who light candles or incense while they smoke a hookah may find that a reusable lighter is the best option for their smoking needs.

But the biggest challenge for new smokers is how to clean out their hookah and keep it in great shape. A hookah has such a unique shape and smoking style that it may be hard for some users to master the cleaning process. Thankfully, specialized brushes allow them to flush out burned-on materials in the bowl and along the insides of the pipe to keep the hookah from becoming problematic to use.

Typically, these brushes come on small stems that extend through the bowl and provide a maximum level of protection. In most cases, bowls typically need no more than a little water with vigorous scrubbing to break apart stains. In serious cases, though, it may be necessary for hookah owners to buy specialized cleaning solutions – these are available at most hookah stores and may be a good investment for beginning hookah smokers who want to keep the same hookah for a long time.