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Ailments That An Experienced Neurosurgeon Can Treat With Neurosurgery

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Illnesses and injuries that impact the brain and spinal cord are particularly devastating. They risk ending a patient's life prematurely. They also cause immense pain and suffering.

The most common treatment for them involves undergoing some type of neurosurgery. These ailments are some that an experienced and well-trained neurosurgeon can treat.


Aneurysms are weakened blood vessels that commonly affect people's  brains. If an aneurysm erupts, it can cause massive bleeding in the brain. It can also quickly lead to death.

To treat an aneurysm, a patient must undergo neurosurgery. This surgery involves the neurosurgeon repairing the damaged blood vessel and stopping the uncontrolled bleeding. It is vital to prevent the patient from bleeding to death.

Blocked Arteries

A neurosurgeon can likewise use neurosurgery to treat blocked arteries. Blocked arteries in the neck and brain cause strokes. They deprive the brain of blood and oxygen, which can result in a painful and premature death.

Removing the blockages in the arteries involves undergoing neurosurgery. The neurosurgeon will run a balloon through the veins and into the arteries to get rid of plaque. This type of surgery is not as invasive as that used for treating aneurysms.

Removing Tumors

People who are born with or develop brain tumors must undergo neurosurgery to have them removed. This type of surgery can be invasive and involve cutting directly into the base or top of the scalp. However, when tumors cannot be shrunk with radiology or chemotherapy, they must be removed through surgical means.

The neurosurgeon will gauge on what parts of the brain to operate without causing significant pain or damage to the patient. He will leave as much of the brain intact as possible.

Back Pain

Finally, a neurosurgeon can treat some cases of middle and lower back pain with neurosurgery. This surgery can involve removing damaged discs in the spine. It can also involve replacing damaged discs so they do not compress nerves and cause pain. This type of surgery can involve the use of lasers rather than invasive cutting and suturing.

These conditions are some that a neurosurgeon can use neurosurgery to treat. This type of surgery is commonly used to address serious illnesses like aneurysms and tumors. It can also be used to unblock arteries and treat serious cases of middle to lower back pain. Some types of surgery are less invasive than others and ease pain and prevent death.