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Helping Your Child With Speech Issues

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Studies are clear that many people have speech issues. More than 3 million people stutter, and several grade school children have speech issues that make it difficult for them to express themselves. Since these years are the most formative and shape the way human beings see the world, speech therapy and other services are a must for a person to grow into a healthy, actualized adult. With this in mind, keep reading to learn more about what you can do if you have a child that has speech issues. 

Take your child to a speech pathologist

First of all, it is important to find out for certain whether your child has a speech issue or not. The main way to do this is by taking them to a licensed speech pathologist like those with Eastern Carolina Ear Nose & Throat-Head. The pathologist will determine whether your child needs therapy, at which point they can receive several sessions that will send them well on their way to becoming effective communicators. Single speech therapy sessions can cost between approximately $40 and $200, and many schools have speech pathologists on staff. During therapy sessions, your child will undergo several exercises as they take the time to formulate words and communicate. This is valuable in helping your child develop as an excellent communicator.

Practice and read with your child

Since practice makes perfect, always take an active role in helping your child with their speech. The best possible thing do is have sessions every night. This can involve both conversations and reading with them. Since speech issues can become areas of insecurity, keep it light and do everything you can to put your child in the right state of mind to learn. Perhaps have an exercise or play session before working with them so that they are loose and have less resistance. Studies show that yoga is great for speech therapy because it helps to coordinate breathing, patience, and bodily movements. By investing in your child through diligent practice, they will be better able to get past speech issues.

Introduce new and different speech exercises 

There are several exercises your child can use to help them practice their speech. Tongue twisters are not only fun and challenging, but they are also excellent in building great communicators. Your child will be better able to project their voice, open their mouths wide enough, and use their tongue to enunciate. 

Consider these tips to help your child get over speech issues.