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Should I Take My Child Who Isn't Eating To Urgent Care?

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There are some kids who just don't want to eat. This can be alarming for some parents because they may fear whichever medical problems may be causing this effect. They may even feel like they need to take their child to urgent care. But in some cases, your child might simply not feel like eating or may be a picky eater.

Not Eating Is Not Normal

It is not normal for a child to not want to eat for an extended period of time. Children are growing and will usually want to eat every few hours even if they do not like what they are eating. You should consider scheduling an appointment to see your child's pediatrician. However, there are some reasons why you might want to take your child to urgent care.

When To Choose Urgent Care

Urgent care is ideal when your child's primary care physician is not available, such as during the nights or weekend. It may also be a good idea if you are willing to spend the extra money and when you cannot afford to miss work or to have your child miss school in order to see a pediatrician. In this case, it is best to use urgent care in combination with a pediatrician. Seeing a pediatrician is also helpful because he or she will likely run some tests in order to determine if there is a more serious problem. Also, a pediatrician performs a follow-up call. 

Look For Other Symptoms

Find out if there are any other symptoms that are associated with your child not eating. For example, is he or she vomiting. Make sure to check the vomit to make sure it doesn't have any blood. Does your child have an extreme lack of energy? Is he or she spending a lot of time sleeping? Also, find out if there is anyone your child has been exposed to who might have a contagious disease, such as mono. 

Not wanting to eat could be a sign that your child has the flu. Make sure to check his or her temperature. If your child is not playful or active with the flu, the condition is more concerning. As your child's fever rises, he or she might eat or drink less. Therefore, it is important to take his or her temperature. Start by feeling your child's forehead and get out the thermometer if the forehead is hot.

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