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3 Things To Know About Candida Overgrowth

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Are you confused as to why you are bloated all the time? There are many things that can cause you to become bloated, such as having too much candida in your body. Candida overgrowth can actually be treated and brought under control if it is the cause of your condition. Keep in mind that failing to seek treatment for candida can actually lead to you experiencing additional systems. This article will give you some more insight in regards to suffering from an overgrowth of candida.

1. Why Candida Grows in Your Body

Your body naturally grows candida because it is helpful in several ways, but it normally develops in small amounts. It is when candida grows out of control when it becomes a problem to your health. Normal candida growth is able to help your body take vital nutrients from the foods that you eat. Candida is also used for helping your digestive system function as it should. Keep in mind that candida is basically a natural fungus that must be kept under control or it can cause health problems.

2. Symptoms That Might Occur

Other than feeling bloated all the time, it is possible for you to start experiencing several other symptoms. For instance, an overgrowth of candida can cause you to suffer from severe allergies that might require seeking help from a specialist. You might also begin to notice that fungus is growing beneath your nails, which can give them an unappealing look. If candida overgrowth affects your digestive system, it is possible that you might have diarrhea on a regular basis. You don't want to deal with consistent diarrhea because it can keep your body dehydrated and cause other problems to develop.

3. Diagnosing &Treating a Candida Overgrowth

Before you are treated, a specialist will try to diagnose the condition by administering a test to check or high levels of D-arabinitol in your body. Basically, a urine organix dysbiosis test will be performed, and if large amounts of D-arabinitol are found present, it is a good sign that you have an overgrowth of candida. The key to treating an overgrowth of candida is to prevent the fungus from growing, which can be done by making sure it is unable to obtain what it needs to survive. Foods that have sugar in them can help fungus grow, so you might have to avoid consuming them for a while. There are other ways in which the condition can be treated as well, but the best way to find out is to visit a specialist.