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Three Reasons Why Your New Hospital Executives Should Go Through Biomedical CAPA Training

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If your hospital has recently hired some fresh business college graduates, or you have some more experienced executives starting their new jobs, there are probably several types of training you still want them to complete before they can fully engage in their responsibilities. Among those trainings, you may want them to complete a biomedical CAPA training. Here are three good reasons for making sure your hospital executive staff has either had this training, completes this training before starting their jobs, or refreshes this training and understands how it applies to the work you expect them to do.  

CAPA Training vs. Biomedical CAPA Training: The Added Component

CAPA training in general is meant to teach executives how to uncover problems, prevent problems, track and analyze data and correct situations that could become serious problems for the companies they work for. The biomedical version of this training (such as is provided by Pathwise) has an added twist in that there are some additional rules and regulations one must learn that only apply to hospitals and medical facilities. The situations that commonly occur in other businesses occur in medical facilities as well, but because of the special situation and addition of these rules, your executives will need to learn how to problem-solve and work around them in slightly different ways.

Corrective and Preventive Actions May Change When Hospital Policies Change

Laws regarding hospital procedure and policy may change over time. One such example occurred when the patient privacy laws changed a little over a decade ago. Now referred to as the HIPAA law, it affects how hospitals proceed with patient information, patient records and hospital policies. Ergo, a refresher of the CAPA training for executives in the biomedical field may need updates as these sorts of things change because the corrective and preventive actions may change as well.   

CAPA Training Is a Fairly New Training

CAPA, or Corrective and Preventive Actions training, is a fairly new management system. Prior to its development, situations were more or less handled when they came up. As such, your older executives may be unfamiliar with this type of training and management style. In order to have all of your hospital's executives on the same page, so to speak, you will want your older executives to take the same training. If they have already had the training, but it has been a few years, you may want them to take a refresher version. The refresher version may be offered as a separate training or involve attending the day of training where updates to CAPA are discussed.