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3 Reasons To Look For A Medical Spa Instead Of A "Traditional" Spa

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If you are looking for a few ways to improve your appearance and enjoy healthier and more beautiful skin, you might be thinking about pampering yourself at the local spa. Although spa treatments can certainly help you feel pampered and beautiful, however, you should know that not all spas are created equally. Instead of looking for a traditional spa, make sure that you look for a medical spa that has at least one cosmetic dermatologist on-site. These are a few reasons why.

1. Catch Potential Problems

While at a medical spa, your cosmetic dermatologist will take a look at your sun spots, freckles, moles and more while completing treatment. This means that he or she can point out any potential problems that you should be concerned about and can help you seek treatment for them if necessary.

2. Prevent Allergic Reactions

Some of the chemicals that are used in your average spa can be quite harsh. If you have sensitive skin, you could have an allergic reaction to these chemicals. At a traditional spa, it might be tough to get treatment for these reactions, but a cosmetic dermatologist will know what to do. Plus, if a cosmetic dermatologist works in a spa, you can generally count on him or her to take a look at the ingredients and choose options that are much friendlier to your skin and less likely to cause a reaction.

3. Have Additional Treatments Done

There are a ton of treatment options out there that can help you achieve the look that you want. Botox, laser skin treatment, skin rejuvenation and more can all help you look your best, but you can't have all of these procedures done at a regular spa. Even if these are treatment options that are offered at a regular local spa, you should avoid having them done by anyone other than a certified dermatologist. By going to a medical spa, you can ask a cosmetic dermatologist about the various treatment options that are best for your needs, and you can have them done by a professional who you can trust.

A day at the spa might seem like just what you need to look and feel your best, but you shouldn't choose just any spa for your day of pampering. Instead, look for a medical spa that has at least one cosmetic dermatologist on-site; then, you can enjoy these benefits and more.

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