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3 Ways To Help Your Mom Or Dad Adjust To Life At An Independent Living Facility

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Even though your mom or day may have agreed to move to an independent living village, he or she may still be feeling nervous and apprehensive about this decision. While this is completely normal, it can still be hard to see a parent going through this. If you would like to help, but are not sure how to, consider trying these three tips.

Place familiar things in the house

One of the best things you can do when your parent finally makes the move is to place familiar things in the new living space. Some independent living communities come furnished, but others do not. Depending on the type you choose, you might be able to place the following items in the unit:

  • Your parent's favorite chair or couch
  • His or her own bedding, linens, and bath towels
  • Family pictures to hang on walls or to display on tables
  • Favorite household items, such as an heirloom vase or items the grandchildren made

These items will remind your parent of his or her home, and seeing these things might bring comfort and joy.

Visit often

Parents love seeing their kids, and your parent will look forward to each time you come to see him or her. If you have siblings or other close relatives, ask them to visit, too. You can also plan special events at your parent's new home, such as a small birthday party on his or her special day. You could bring a cake, plates, and forks and celebrate another year of life.

Help your parent get involved

The third thing that could help your parent adjust is helping him or her find ways to use up the time in the day. One benefit of moving your parent from home to a place like this is that there are activities available for the residents.

If your parent can get involved in these things, he or she will have less time alone, and this could help make life more enjoyable. If your parent is shy, you may need to really encourage him or her to take part in these things, and you could always offer to go with to the next bingo game or craft event.

Over time, your parent will adjust, but these tips may help him or her adjust faster. If you would like to visit an independent living facility to get a tour or to learn more about it, contact one, such as Stonehill Care Center, today.