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Halt Those Hot Flashes With These Three Herbs

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When menopause sets in, many women find that they are forced to battle a warmth that starts in the head and neck regions and slowly spreads to encompass their entire body. If you have experienced this uncomfortable feeling, you know exactly how bothersome hot flashes can be.

One hot flash research study shows that at least 75% of women going through menopause will experience hot flashes, so finding ways to curb these uncomfortable attacks is important. Here are three powerful herbs that you can use to help halt hot flashes in the future.

1. Sage

This herb, characterized by its astringent aroma and warm flavor, can be found in many traditional Italian dishes. While sage definitely tastes good in your spaghetti and lasagna, this herb can be a potent treatment for hot flashes as well. Sage has been used by women since ancient times to reduce excessive perspiration, which is one of the symptoms of a hot flash.

In a study conducted in Scotland, menopausal women using sage in a clinical study experienced 85% fewer hot flashes after just three months. The next time you feel a hot flash coming on, brew yourself a cup of sage tea to help reduce your discomfort.

2. Flaxseed

Touted for its high fiber and omega-3 content, flaxseed has become a popular addition to many modern diets. If you are experiencing hot flashes, there is a good possibility that this plant powerhouse could help you reduce your discomfort.

A small pilot study encouraged postmenopausal women to incorporate dietary flaxseed into their daily diet. Over a six week span, the study showed that women who increased their flaxseed intake showed a 50% reduction in the occurrence of hot flashes. Go ahead and add flaxseed to your menu if you are looking for a natural way to reduce your own hot flashes in the future.

3. Ginseng

You may be wondering what ginseng, an herb known for its ability to increase energy levels, can do to alleviate hot flashes. The answer lies in ginseng's ability to stimulate the ovaries. Menopause brings with it a reduction in the amount of estrogen produced by the ovaries. Women with lower estrogen levels are often hit hardest by hot flashes, so increasing natural estrogen production is one way to get rid of hot flashes.

Regular consumption of ginseng helps to stimulate ovary function, resulting in higher estrogen production levels. Brew yourself a nice cup of ginseng tea, and take advantage of both the energy boost and elimination of hot flashes this versatile herb can provide.

Living with hot flashes can be uncomfortable, so taking the time to become familiar with some reliable home remedies can be helpful in allowing you to take control of menopause symptoms. The next time you feel the tell-tale warmth starting to spread, try taking some sage, flaxseed, or ginseng to help you keep the hot flash at bay.