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A Simple Guide To Choosing Dental Floss

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Dental floss is dental floss, right? If you've been relying on the samples that your dentist sends home with you after a cleaning and thus have not gone shopping for dental floss in years, you might be surprised by how many options there are in the tooth care aisle. There are different flavors, non-waxed and waxed options, a fancy variety known as "comfort floss" and even those little pick-floss things. Which one do you pick?

The good news is that the American Dental Association states that any flossing product that bares their seal will do an adequate job of cleaning between your teeth. However, that does not mean that every floss product is right for everyone. Here's a look at a few questions that might run through your mind as you're shopping for floss, and a little guidance to help you arrive at the right answers.

Should you get flavored or unflavored floss?

The flavoring is only there to make the flossing experience more enjoyable. It won't make your breath much fresher or help the floss clean better. If you like a minty fresh flavor, then buy the mint floss. If you don't, then buy the plain. Don't lose sleep over this decision.

Are dental flossers better than standard floss?

Also known as interdental cleaners, those little plastic picks with a strand of string on the end serve the same purpose as regular floss. They're a good choice if you have a hard time reaching your back teeth to floss between them. If you don't have trouble reaching your back teeth, whether you use regular floss or flossers is just a matter of personal preference.

What is "comfort floss" used for?

Comfort floss is made from a plastic material that doesn't fray like ordinary nylon floss. If you've had trouble with floss fraying in the past or your teeth are very close together, comfort floss will make flossing easier and more comfortable.

Is waxed floss better than non-waxed floss?

Some people find that waxed floss is easier to slide between their teeth, especially if their teeth are close together. However, it does not do any better of a job cleaning than non-waxed floss. As long as they carry the ADA seal, both choices are safe and effective. It's just a matter of preference.

If you're not sure which type of floss to purchase, you might just want to buy a package of two or three different kinds. After all, floss is not expensive. You can decide which variety you like best, and the next time you shop for floss, you'll know which one to choose. For more specific questions, contact a dentist like Smile Designers Family Dentistry.